A Proposed Gadget for Gamers

  • Tuesday, March 22, 2011
  • Archimedes
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  • Gamers are quite a group of consumers. I don't pretend to know the average numbers, but I know that they play a big role in the modern economy. So being a gamer myself, I think I'm going to take a moment and consider what product would appeal to gamers other than an actual game or better computer.
    Well, typing is really a slow form of information input, which is why voice control is like the next big thing. But sadly, we have not gotten to the point of saying commands to the computer yet, but cant we at least chat in voice?
    Sure we have IM clients for all that, but the problem is that they take up lots of precious performance in a game where two seconds of lag gets you killed, and its just not possible when you are already using your keyboard to move. So then, I must ask, why cant we create a headset with its own processing unit that uses only the computers internet connection to send voice messages while the computer is shoulder deep in processing the game? Woudnt that appeal to those with slow typing and crappy computers?


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