Dream Modeling

  • Thursday, December 29, 2011
  • Archimedes
  • Ever wonder how fast the human brain could really operate if used with a higher proficiency? Consciously, we can only use about 20% of our brains processing power, I's sure we've all heard this before, but all it really takes to go beyond that is to dream a little.

    When we dream, a level of our subconscious mind uses the knowledge we have to build the dream environment. If I dreamed of a city the cityscape would be constructed of my knowledge of architecture and modern city planning, mixed in with the mood I'm feeling at the moment. If I were dreaming of a forest, the dreamscape would be built based on my knowledge of plants and animals, and the natural cycles of life that I've been taught since middle school.

    When the conscious mind makes a decision in a dream, the subconscious moves even faster to predict the outcome. When you step off a ledge, you know that you are going to start falling, when you get chased down by some big animal, you know that its probably not going to end well, and you knowledge of physics and anatomy usually fills in the gory details.

    Dreaming has been working since the dawn of man, but why then, have we not sought some way of using this to our advantage?

    There are already medications available to instantly send a person into the dreaming part of sleep, and some iffy physiological techniques such as hypnosis are readily available to alter memory. So say we wanted to model an event, such as the big bang and the formation of the galaxy, something beyond the capabilities of modern computing. We find a very logical and methodical patent, and somehow block his normal memories of being a person, family, daily life, etc, and limit his mind to ponder existence with nothing but a through knowledge of physics and its proven laws, it would be quite curious to see what conclusions that person may reach.
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