River Resupply

  • Tuesday, March 22, 2011
  • Archimedes
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  • Apparently nature cannot keep up with the rate of mankind's natural abuses, so on several occasions, mankind has had to help nature with mankind's abuses. The main problem that I will now address is the fact that our rivers are losing their freshwater sources, and should they dry out, which they will, it will be much harder to bring freshwater into cities that used to have the river as its water supply. So I propose, that at the base of a dying river, we place a giant water treatment plant whose sole purpose is to convert the water in the river into hydrogen and oxygen by means of electric current. The hydrogen gas released will have a naturally high potential energy, due to its light weight. The hydrogen will be fed along a pipeline at the bed of the river back up the river floating from a lower elevation to a slightly higher one. Once the gasses reach the top, they will be burned in a large and extremely tough container such as a natural cave, and the resulting water fed back into the river. To cover expenses, pure water can be diverted and sold and the river dammed to produce both revenue for upkeep and electricity for hydrogen generation.


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