The Pacifier

  • Tuesday, March 22, 2011
  • Archimedes
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  • We already have devices, hear beat sensors, that can triangulate the approximate location of a human being by monitoring the weak but distinct EM field of the human heart. This is used mainly by rescue workers trying to locate a live human inside a field of debris, and it is not exactly science fiction. But whats different from the real thing and the one on call of duty modern warfare is that the real thing cannot pinpoint the 2D location of a human on a grid, unless you have at least three sensors set up over an area and all three are linked to a computer, because the real thing will only tell you in which direction and a very approximate distance the signal is.
    But if we know so much about the EM field generated by the heart, why cant we remotely affect this field? Offensively, we can remotely create a field that will give everyone within it a massive heart attack, not always lethal, and medically, it can remotely jump start a persons heart. Also, used in surgery rooms, an artificial field stronger than the signals received by the heart will make sure the patient on the table does not go into cardiac arrest as long as the heart is intact.


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