Anti-Aircraft Carrier Device

  • Tuesday, March 22, 2011
  • Archimedes
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  • China's navy in basically nonexistent, and its air force is only superior to other second an third world countries, and although its land forces are arguably a match for the Russians, without proper air support, superior tanks and men mean little in modern warfare. The main factor denying Chinese air superiority is the presence of American and recently Indian carriers. Not only do they make amphibious landings impossible, they deny air cover for ground forces and can directly threaten major cities. If only there was a way to make them go away...
    Given the amount of anti air defenses integrated into the carrier itself and its supporting battle group, I find it very improbable that anything bigger than maybe an over-sized artillery shell can penetrate its outer defenses, and seeing as how the Chinese submarine fleet is also made of fail, torpedoes are out of the question. Anything big enough to carry long range artillery over water will be sunk before they can find the carrier, so a naval force is also kinda useless. But the Chinese actually has one major advantage, coastal military bases. While Chinese jet engines are very questionable, we have managed to copy one time use cruse missile engines with questionable accuracy. We first construct an unmanned delivery vehicle the size of a small jet fighter. Once in range of carrier anti air perimeter, the drone turns on afterburners and hauls itself almost vertically into the sky until fuel runs out, and breaks into several guided sub munitions each weighing no more than a few hundred kilograms. Although now invulnerable to interception via missile, the sub munitions can still be engaged, although not effectively, by carrier Gatling guns, which causes a problem. But this can be resolved by using termite warheads fused with heat capacitors, which even when shot will explode into burning metal, not gas, and fall upon the deck of the carrier doing damage. Meanwhile, a second type of delivery vehicles will dive under the surface of the water and launch its termite payload underwater, not as accurate, but invulnerable to interception.


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