Proposed Muscular Growth Therapy

  • Monday, May 16, 2011
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  • Body builders and athletes have already demonstrated to the world that with enough time and dedication, along with the proper resources, the average human being can develop into a very physically strong organism on whose strength is on par with many other "lower" creatures of the same size.

    Humans are not readily born with such strength and yet human society value this strength for rather obvious reasons, I think it is time that a reliable and safe method of rapidly developing physical strength to be developed and that the field of modern medicine is well enough developed to make this possible.

    Stem cell therapy has already been proven to repair muscles, and there are already several cases where regenerative stem cell therapy has repaired large (40 ish) percents of the heart muscles of heart disease patients.

    The reason that injured muscles and healthy ones grow so slowly, and that is because the human body ceases to create new muscle cells once the infant is born. You most likely have now, the same or less number of muscle cells you had since you were born, you are stronger because those cells have grown individually stronger.

    But what if we can generate more muscle cells and control them? Not only would that result in an immediate increase in strength, the gains from working out would also increase, allowing for faster muscular training and recovery, only problem now is how.

    Well, most of the pieces are in place, we simply need a drug which temporarily severs a small percentage of muscle cells from the nervous system. The cells affected are still there, but as far as the body is concerned, there is nothing there. Because only a small percentage of cells are deactivated, the body can still function.

    At this point, we introduce the same regenerative stem cell therapy which has benefited heart disease patients. The body will regenerate new cells, wired into the same nerves, to replace the cells "lost" due to the drug. Once the new cells are matured, an antidote is given to flush out any remaining drugs and the old inactivated cells are reintegrated into the nervous system, basically cloning themselves as far as muscle mass is concerned.

    Assuming the body fully integrates all the new muscle fibers, rejection is not an issue because stem cells are grown from your own cells, repeated sessions of the described procedure will rapidly strengthen any fit human being past human limits on physical strength.


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