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  • Sunday, May 8, 2011
  • Archimedes
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  • I have tons of ideas floating around my head, but this one in particular I wanted to share because it actually does good and makes really big explosions, what more can you possibly ask for?

    So we earthlings are always under the constant threat of doom by ICBMs, which we really haven't done anything about. Its like having a sword over your throat, but you don't move away from it. Well, here is my proposed solution.

    ICBMs, before they hit their targets, have to go into low earth orbit to efficiently cover ground. if a country had the money, you could create a low orbit geostationary satellite, made of nothing but a small computer, battery, and a giant fuel tank surrounded by a shrapnel coat. Place said device into geostationary orbit between you and the country that is most likely to nuke you, and repeat said process a couple hundred more times in different orbits and possible trajectories. When some crazy North Korean kid decides to launch his excuse of a nuke at you, you find one of your mines in orbit closest to the nukes trajectory, maneuver it into the path of said nuke, and detonate it.

    ICBMs are NOT meant to take a beating, a little scratch on the fuel tank, and the entire missile harmlessly explodes in orbit.


    1. Insider33 said...
    2. I don't like the fact that we as a human race have come to point in life where we have hundreds of these ICBM missiles at our disposal.

    3. TheSkylar said...
    4. That is crazy, To think how delicate these weapons are. yet they could kill millions. Mind blowing.

      You should check out my post about tesla speakers.

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