The Finals

  • Tuesday, May 10, 2011
  • Archimedes
  • Well, if you notice that I have been a little lazy in my posting, it would be due to the fact that finals in coming up and I would actually like to pass all of my classes, which means studying. Speaking of studying, I've noticed something rather interesting in the efficiency of test prep.

    Being in band does not help this issue, but lately I seem to have a song or two stuck in my head 24/7, besides being annoying, I think that this is reducing my studying and thinking capacities by quite a lot. There are studies out there that show listening to music while studying reduces efficiency, and I have quit listening to my mp3 player for about half a month now. The result of me boycotting my mp3 player is that I constantly have songs stuck in my head, and every time those songs hit a small climax my chain of thought gets interrupted.

    If anyone out there have a sure fire way of quieting the mind short of taking a bullet to the head, please speak up.


    1. Graeme said...
    2. nice blog dude

    3. Spartan094 said...
    4. No need to worry buddy, everybody is swamped with finals right now.

    5. Insider33 said...
    6. Good luck, dude.

    7. noobleah said...
    8. keep blogging (: your blogs are good!

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