Overclocking =! Overheating

  • Monday, April 4, 2011
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  • Overclock != Overheat

    Most gamers and programmers know the benefits of overclocking their CPUs for a higher clock speed and performance, but all too often they also know the misery of a catastrophic CPU overheat destroying their $500+ CPU/Motherboard setups. The most irritating thing about this particular issue is that while the CPU ends up being a steaming pile of slag, everything else under the hood is perfectly fine.

    The fact that CPUs can be overclocked means that they are capable of higher performances, the only limiting factor is the heat issue, and I really don't think that that should be a problem

    Most CPUs nowadays are multi-core, and while this means better parallel computing, it also means a higher energy consumption and more heat generated overall. To cut straight to the bone, I think that we should make the system "roulette" out the individual cores. Overheating wasn't such an issue when there was only one core, but with two or more cores, what you essentially have is a heat source heating another heat source. But if we let two cores run and two cores rest in such a way that a resting core is always between the two running cores, the heating should behave more like a single core than a dual core.

    Why buy a quad core processor and only use two cores at a time? Simple, some programs like most games and some calculations are not meant to be ran in parallel. Having four cores for a program written for two just means that two cores do most of the work (in most cases). And I don't know if anyone's realized this but as the number of cores goes up, the clock speed on each individual core tends to go down. A shitty Intel Atom could be clocked at over 3Ghz, but the Intel quad core only has a clock speed of about 2Ghz. If we can double the clock speed on two cores while resting the other two, programs written for a fewer number of cores will run a lot faster, and when the programs call for multicore parallel processing, we just turn the clock down and turn on the other two cores.


    1. mac-and-me said...
    2. great post :)


    3. Fleischgarten said...
    4. Interesting Concept. Never saw it this way. What would you have to do, to use the processors in the way you intend?

    5. Niek said...
    6. Makes sense.. I guess


    7. epicseeds said...
    8. I dont think it's any harder to keep a CPU cool with todays tech than last decades. In fact, it should be easier since now CPUs are using lower voltages.

      On another note, ive been using the H-50 closed circuit water cooler with great results.

    9. donjusaeyo said...
    10. Thank god all I have is a laptop.

    11. Montana said...
    12. lol duh, thats why i watercool moded my laptop. OC'ed to 3.06 GHZ, running at an average of 99F-120F

    13. Danny Murphy said...
    14. Great post mate, very interesting

    15. Megan Hansen said...
    16. That just seems counter-productive to me. Might as well stick to a dualcore processor at that point. If you want to overclock, you get a better cooling system.

    17. Vexu said...
    18. love the design of your blog :)

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