• Thursday, April 7, 2011
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  • A few days ago I found myself looking at the mess which Japan has created for the world to clean up, and I approached the broken containment vessels and runaway fission reactions just like any other problem. But after a few days of thought and moderate research I will now say with reasonable confidence that at this point, all we can do is cut our losses.

    There is no way that any uranium or plutonium (the latter of the two is not even supposed to be in the reactors in the first place) that was released into the environment can be cleaned up, and there is also no way of stopping the leakage of additional radiation.

    Why? What you are trying to do in cleaning up radiation is to find every individual granule of uranium out in the environment, a task which at best is comparable to sorting out a handful of sugar spread out in a beach full of sand. Stopping the leakage is also impossible due to the same issue, there is no way to stop something as small as individual molecules from escaping such a large area.

    So what should we do? Well, nothing is certainly not the answer, and nothing is what the Japanese seems to be doing.

    If we want to be humane, I would say to open a chute into the now broken containment vessels, and dump tons and tons of sand mixed with cadmium and graphite shavings. Not only do you provide a heat sink, you also absorb neutron radiation from decaying fuel, slowing down the rate of decay and preventing the reactor from turning into a nuke.

    But if we want to be practical, find some patriot ready to die for country and ask the poor chap to go in, grab the fuel rods, encase the molten pile of radioactive shit in concrete and dump the mess into the ocean.


    1. mac-and-me said...
    2. or fly it to space, but that would need hell of security measurements

    3. fabio_2007 said...
    4. nice point of view

    5. ExoticBlogger said...
    6. good read!

    7. Willy Wade said...
    8. I'm most shocked by Japan's actions in this how incident. I thought they'd have been quite proactive in this sort of situation.

    9. Gaberabtic said...
    10. Yea I see your point touchy area

    11. Mad said...
    12. very well written article :)

    13. Mr. Dough said...
    14. It's quite a mess, no doubt.

    15. taylor said...
    16. Or, they could have had better security measures in the first place and avoid this mess.

    17. Conundrum said...
    18. A little more precaution would have went a long ways, but this plant was pretty old and that was one hell of a quake, along with everything failing at once.

      I hope this doesn't damage our future with nuclear power too much, but I'm sure the coal industry will be all over this

    19. Archimedes said...
    20. Despite Japans... Incompetence, I still think nuclear power is a viable if not necessary alternative.

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