Computer Optimization (AKA the reson I coudnt post for the last 5 days)

  • Tuesday, July 12, 2011
  • Archimedes
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  • Personal computers have become so common nowadays that we don't really appreciate how complex they are until they break down and us dumb users are left with the daunting task of fixing them. My computer recently had a fit involving a corrupt windows folder on my backup portable hard-drive and the system trying to use the bad backup as its windows folder. Whats worse than the buggy performance was that one of the first things to go was the less-than-stable driver for my internet adapter, meaning I had no way of going online and just googleing whatever problem I had. Then came the chore of reinstalling windows on a computer that dosent recognize its own hard-drive (bad drivers) and reinstalling all the servicepacks, directx, adobe flash, java, etc., and at this point I wondered, shoudnt there be an easier way to do this?

    Why dont somebody, like the manufactures who are trying to sell their computers, make a boot-able disc with all the registry, drivers, updates, extensions and all that crap pre-optimized and ship it with their products? Whenever dumb users decide to delete their drivers and system 32 folder and realize "oh crap, maybe that stuff was important" they just have to boot off the disk instead of bothering the manufacturer/retail store/tech support making life a little easier for everyone.


    1. Cody8295 said...
    2. Wow, I love the idea about the part with the CD, I hear that Google Chromebooks will download a fresh install of the OS every time it starts up. That will certainly be like your idea.

    3. Phil Grahm Salt said...
    4. In order for computers to run fast, it must be regularlt maintained from time to time.

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